Compound RO Water Purifier

SK600G / SK800G
Compound RO Water Purifier

  • No barrel design, saving 50% space.
  • The tenon structure filter element is the most convenient to replace.
  • Maximum flow design, the fastest water generation is 600G and 800G.
  • Ultra-low wastewater ratio, only 1.5:1.
  • The long-life filter element is replaced once a year.
  • 304 stainless steel faucet, quality assurance made in Taiwan.
  • Remind the core changing device, and the smart light signal will be displayed.
  • The tap water is directly filtered, and the water is the freshest and cleanest.
  • Adjustable TDS professional design: 5~80 can be adjusted arbitrarily, which can keep suitable trace elements.

Product Specifications


Package specifications / dimensions 525x235x450 mm
Filter element Compound filter
RO filter
Activated carbon filter
Applicable power supply 100-250V~50/60Hz
Ambient temperature 5˚~38˚C
Faucet hole sizes / dimensions 350x120 mm
Product interface Inlet / Input DN10 (NB3/8)
Outlet / Output DN8 (NB1/4)
Maximum water output 1.05L/min
Applicable water source and pressure Tap water/0.2~0.5MPa