Dechlorinating Shower Filter / Head

Dechlorinating Shower Filter / Head


  • The small molecular water quickly penetrates the skin, cleans the dirty pores, and makes the skin clean and moisturizing, refreshing and no burden.
  • Instantly adsorbs trihalomethanes formed by heating chlorine in water, which can prevent skin or breathing from entering the body and cause chronic damage.
  • It is easy to carry and can be easily installed on the 4-point mouth of various faucets.
  • The patented design of the internal spiral diversion allows the filter material to fully exert its adsorption effect.
  • The high-tech advanced filter material has a strong adsorption and filtration effect, and the filter material also passes through.
  • A number of certification inspections: material verification by NSF in the United States, SGS in Taiwan, Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute, Japan Food Bureau, etc.
  • This product specification belongs to the disposable type, which can be discarded directly after use up, and the new filter element, non-specialized filter element, can be replaced directly.

Filter Material Specifications / Dimensions


  • Japanese calcium sulfite can effectively remove chlorine gas in water, and the effect is several times that of activated carbon, and it can also remove chlorine gas at high temperature.
  • The far-infrared small-molecule ceramic ball will release the far-infrared physical light wave energy, which will cause the molecules to vibrate rapidly in the water, break the molecular chains in the water mass, and make the number of molecules in the water mass smaller.
  • The scale-inhibiting ceramic pellet filter material is easy to wipe the water droplets on the tiles and glass, and it is not easy to get stuck.
  • service life:
    36,000 liters, one person can use it for about 6-10 months, but the chlorine concentration is different according to the season, and the service life will be different. This product is suitable for water temperature below 60 ℃.