Ionized Alkaline Water Filter

Ionized Alkaline Water Filter


It is must for water purification machinery to be made of full stainless steel bulk with the composite materials in one filter cartridge as well as free of plasticizers. SUNGKING WATER makes each product with the preceding merits. A direct sale from the maker to the customer is done. The maker need not suffer for high cost out of conventional merchandising. The buyer need not pay too much for the machine. The entire machine is genuinely made in Taiwan with the entire filter materials authentically made in Japan. The current international standards are completely met. The patents licensing of the internal and external parts as well as the filter materials of the whole machine is received by the Company. The unprecedented lifelong warranty of the machine body is given.

The filter made of composite materials can cut the expenditures spent on filter consumables. The main materials comprised of the followings: Japanese materials such as active carbon added by silver to remove lead made by Japan Nimura-seiko, hollow filament membrane and soft dusty sinter made by Japan KITZ, US KDF-55 (chrysochalk alloy), magnesium crystallized stone, etc. can remove more than 99.8% of the pollutants in water including bacteria, impurities, calcareous substances, pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, endocrine disruptors and medicines. The consumers can spend less cash but gain more effects. The filtering capacity sums up 15,000 liters of tap water. It is fine to apply the filtered water to rinsing the edible elements such as vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and eggs. The high-capacity filter cartridge requires one replacement each year.

The volume of the entire machine is 28cm tall *15cm wide *20cm deep. It is portable, useful and in need little room.

The filtered water is edible. The boiling procedure can be saved. The electricity is not required. The wastewater is not exerted. The filter cartridge need not be cleansed. No flow differences exist. A massive deposition quantity is secured. The content of active hydrogen is rich in small-molecule water clusters (gasoline-saving, power-saving, water-saving). The pH value is 7.35-8.0. The minerals reserved in the ionic state in water are the most absorbable to human body.


Product Feature


  • Ready-to-drink, enjoy pure and good water at any time
  • Environmental protection and energy-saving design, no electricity, no waste water
  • It can filter out harmful substances in the water and retain the trace elements needed by the human body
  • Converted to weak alkaline ionized water, easy for the body to absorb
  • The patented design with the largest filtration capacity and the smallest body area in the market
  • The whole machine is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, which is the safest for drinking
  • The body is guaranteed for life, and the water machine with the highest CP value
  • Made in Taiwan, guaranteed quality

User-Friendly Design-Filter Cartridge Replacement Reminder


  • Yellow light reminds it is the best time to replace filter cartridge to ensure the optimum performance, and it will flash every 30 seconds.
  • Red light indicates the filter cartridge needs to be replaced immediately to maintain water quality, and it will flash every 20 seconds.

A good filter, one is enough!

Patented Multilayer Compound Filter Cartridge


  • Nimura Carbon Fiber Silver Add Antibacterial Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge (NSF42 certification)
  • Nimura Yintian Antibacterial Granular Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge (NSF42 certification)
  • Mineral power nano-membrane patented filter element
  • The material of KDF fluid company in the United States can adsorb a variety of heavy metals (NSF61 certification)
  • Magnesium crystal ore converts water quality, small molecular weight, alkaline active water (FDA certification)
  • Configure SUS 304 gooseneck faucet (CNS8088 certification)
  • Filter life : 1 year / 15000L
    The filter element is a consumable item. Generally, a family of 4 to 5 families replaces the filter element once a year, and the first-class drinking water quality can be maintained!
    SUNKING WATER 365 days of service, welcome to call to make an appointment, a special person will replace the filter element & safety inspection for you!

How The Mineralized Electrospun Nanofibrous Membrane Works


  • Electro-positive absorption
    Mineral Power Nanofilm Presenting Line zeta potential of > 53++ millivolts,
    To adsorb sub-micron 0.015U substances, especially negatively charged ionic substances.
  • Van der waals force
    Intermolecular force; as long as the substances that conform to this law are all adsorbed, there is no exception.
  • tortuous path(0.8mm thick = 400 layers)
    Contaminants are captured and removed by the tortuous path in the deep layer of the filter material and the strong positive electric field generated by the fibers.



Product Specifications


Appliance Dimensions
(Height x Diameter)
278 x Ø150 mm
Appliance Net Weight
(Filter material included)
Filtration Method Patented Multilayer Compound Filter Cartridge
Filtration Flow Rate 3.7L/min(Water Pressure 2kg/cm2)
Filter Cartridge
Flow Volume
3750 Gallons(15000 Liters)
Applicable Water Pressure 1~4.5 kg/cm2(15~70psi)
(Minimum Operating Water Pressure is no less than 0.7kg)
Operating Water Temperature 5~45℃
Environment Temperature 4~55℃
Accessory Package 3/8" PU Tube, 2 meters、Water Inlet Valve、ST Screw Package、Filter Cartridge、Wall Mounted Hook、Filter Cartridge Replacement Reminder、SUS 304 Gooseneck Faucet
Safety Guarantee With SGS Water Quality Testing Certification and Meet National Drinking-Water Standards